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Dragonproof Ecommerce

Oct 23, 2020

The holiday shopping season is always a disruptive event for online sellers - and in 2020, the added global disruptions brought on Covid have heightened consumers' collective need for products and services that bring solace, humanity, and hope.


There is no more precious object in one's home than a family photo. We...

Oct 9, 2020

“Restructuring” is a form of bankruptcy which reorganizes a business - but all businesses can apply these principles to guard against unplanned stresses. This constructive quick take shares the 5 key ways any business can apply those same concepts to protect against major disruption.



Oct 2, 2020

More of a late summer "spring training" than a vacation, Rick shares how lessons learned over the past month of working travel are perfect preparation for the intense months to come. With the most unique and challenging holiday season in ecommerce history approaching, against a backdrop of Covid and the election, it's...